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We’ll be having a ska fan picnic before the Gogo13 show on July 31st at Irvine regional park. Not Irvine great park. The picnic will start at 4:30. THIS IS A FREE SHOW!! Bring at least one food item. Discuss in the comments what you’re bringing so we all don’t bring the same thing. The show starts at 6. Tell all of your friends. We want as many people to know about this show because we wanna show them our love. Questions? The address is 1 Irvine Park Road Orange, ca
#ItsASkaWorldAfterAll #gogo13 #skamusic #ska #2tone #theaquabats #freeshow

Being a badass is the psychobilly scene is super lame. Just calm your shit. Psychobilly is supposed to be fun. Nobody is better than the other. Educate new kids getting into the scene. Stop starting fights. Have more bands support one another instead of acting like you’re better than everyone. Just kick it. Have a pizza.

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